Build productivity,
remove distractions

is a new concept that will help you focus on what you really need

Atomic Productivity

Atomic Productivity is the foundation on which Nova is built.
We envisioned productivity as something that works in layers


Each project is a different project and you can customize it to your liking.
Choose the components you need, drag them to the bar and start being productive

Components always updated and maintained by our team to make your life easier and your mind lighter


From this component you can manage your activities. Write down what you need to do, get the day's tasks done, add reminders, and more


Write real text documents thanks to the integrated editor. Take notes at university or at work, export your notes among the many available formats or write documents together with other people


Store all your files here, create folders and share them with whoever you want


Take notes by hand, draw, sketch ideas and more


Create tags that you can use for your tasks, notes and the rest of the content in Nova


View and manage the links you've added in your notes or add others that you want to keep and always have on hand


This component contains all the content that you have marked as 'important'

Sharing without limits

Shared productivity is even better.
Manage your home shopping with your family, your work with your colleagues and birthday gifts with your friends

Complete together

Share a project with other people and complete tasks together

Shared documents

Write a text document together with other people and see who is editing in real-time

Always stay up to date

Get notified when someone makes a change to your project, adds a file, writes a note, or completes a task.
You will also find all the activities in the project summary

One button to do everything

A single button will open doors to you in Nova.
Press for options, drag to create a task, a new project or to add a new component

Drag and drop. It's so simple.

Drag & drop is everywhere in Nova's apps.
Your productivity is faster and more convenient than ever



Coming in 2024

Productivity everywhere

You will find Nova productivity on all your devices
thanks to apps for Mac, iOS, Android, iPadOS, Windows and Web





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